Book of the Purple Faerie
2002-12-19 04:40:57 (UTC)

Why the hell can't I have a gerbil?

This day has fluctuated between really good and really

Woke up around noon, showered, began my daily shit: dishes,
laundry, etc. I checked my grades on Rocktalk and was
amazingly surprised: I made the dean's list! 3.8 QPA for
the semester, 4 A's and 1 B! That's so exciting! I've never
made grades like that before! Mom and Dad an everyone who I
told was ecstatic!

And I can't have a gerbil.

I don't get anything in recognition of how hard I worked!
Those goddamn nights I stayed up and cried because I was
afraid of how I'd do and it all paid off! I've done all of
the housework for the past week! I babysat Aunt Darlene's
kids! I made DEAN'S FUCKING LIST! Why the hell do I even
try?! Why do I even care? I try so hard to make everyone
happy and I don't get jack shit in return for it! All I
thought was that it'd be nice to have a pet to replace the
hole Ryo-Ohki's departure caused. I wanted to name it Yuki
after the character from Fruits Basket. It's not fair, why
the hell do I try to please everyone?! So I cry and work
and put up with brats and I don't get jack squat for it?!
What the fuck?! I've got cramps and I stayed at home all
day while everyone else was out! That's BULLSHIT. Having
depression SUCKS!

I'm out. Out of patience at the very least

No squeak.