imagination fading
2002-12-19 02:55:29 (UTC)

extreme boredom and procrastination

I am supposed to be studying, but I chose not too, because I
got frustrated. So anyway, I decided to create a journal
after reading this guys blog. I thought, wow, wouldn't
that be neat. Let it be know that I never plan for anyone
I know to read anyway of this and don't know how frequently
I will write in it. And also I doubt anyone that doesn't
know me will ever actually read this, and if they do it
will be a total accident and after reading one sentence
they will get bored, leave, and never return. I don't
really have anything all that interesting to say actually.
Only that I'm really bored. But if anyone does actually
read this they will get bored, therefore continuing the
cycle of perpetuous boredom. I apologize in advance. So
I'm really putting of the whole studying thing...I'll
regret it tomorrow during my test. I can see it now, I'll
be sitting there at my table thinking "I am such a lazy
ass! How could I have not studied! Now I'm going to fail!"
That's honestly what will really happen. Sad, but true. I
can hardly wait til christmas break. It can't come soon
enough. Just one more day of scholastic hell. The break.
It's not like I'm even looking forward to christmas. Just
the break. I hate christmas, I must have bad karma cause
they never go well for me and my family. never ever. Plus
I really don't see what's so great about it. It's all
based on greed and american commercialization. It maybe
once was a actual holiday. But now it's a hallmark
holiday. So you get presents, who cares you stupid greedy
freak, does anybody ever stop to think about the real
meaning of christmas? No, or at least very few. The rest
of you just want presents and food. Ok there is the family
aspect too. Which is important to me. But anyway, I
really should go study ya that's all.