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2001-08-31 14:36:23 (UTC)

Results of the plan

Sorry I didn't write yesterday with the results of the
plan but I spent all day discussing what I saw with Mel and
Will. We all decided to spy on Taylor we met at my house at
9:00 Taylor doesn't get up until 10:00 on a school holiday
he is like clock work so we grabbed a bite to eat and
walked over to Taylors. After a few
bbbbboooooooorrrrrrrrriiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnggggg hours he
came out and walked down the street. we moved from behind
the bush and followed him ducking behind cars etc. After 15
minutes he went to a house and it was opened by Thomas
Jean. That was shocking Thomas is gay now I don't have a
prblem with that in fact I often have a chat with him but
Taylor hates all Gays and Lesbians! I didn't tell him about
my Mum as u can guess. We waited there 3 hours! Then we
went home without saying a word. As we got to Mels, Will
was the first to speak:
Will:what the hell just happened
Mel: something wierd
Me:do u think they are friends or something else??????
Will: Gay?
Me: I do not know
Will: nah he is as a blank of wood
Mel: that doesn't mean it cannot snap
Will:we need to talk to him NOW
Me: no we need to digest this and decide tomorrow OK?
Me: we will meet up tomorrow here at 11:00

So that was yesterday. Today we decided to talk to him
about it on Sunday.
I am taking Mel to the cinema today and then its Erin's
PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah Party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I could use some fun

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