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2001-08-31 13:51:16 (UTC)

Doodle with your pasta Madam?

Tonight I went out to dinner with friends.. and, taking up
the entire wall of the restaurant, was the Michelangelo
painting of God's hand reaching down to touch man's..

Which is beautiful in its purity and power..

BUT.. not so beautiful when (I kid you not) about 20cm from
my face.. as I'm eating dinner... is a certain part of the
man's body! Full life size painting mind you.. and it's
there.. in all its glory.. dangling for the whole world to
see. But more importantly.. dangling less than a ruler's
length away from my face.. as I'm eating dinner and
*trying* to engage in witty repartee with a table full of
both friends and acquaintances.

Yes, I blushed.. yes I tried desperately to avert my eyes..
but you know that strange law of nature which dictates that
the very thing you're trying so hard NOT to look at.. is
the very thing which flirts with and tantalises your mind,
and you find your eyes seeking it out again and again...
much to your embarrassment! :)

Needless to say, I guess, that I ordered my pasta al
dente.. ;)

Well.. the end of day two without chatting with him. I do
miss him. And I hope he's enjoying his time away. :)

To be totally honest... and I shall only admit this once..
and only in here.. that I imagine him meeting with x and I
can't help but think lots of things, and ask many questions
to the cold night air.

Does he love her? Is she amazingly witty and beautiful and
smart? Does the thought of her make him shiver? If things
were different in her situation.. would he be with her now?

Okay.. enough! There are dozens more where they came from..

Just so he knows, though... I'm glad he's having a
rendezvous (*love* that word) with her. I never would want
him to be a monk.. ;)

Human nature I guess... to be plagued with questions. And
feelings of ... I don't know what exactly. I would hate to
put the label of 'jealousy' on them. But maybe something
akin to that.

Don't panic.. I'm not about to turn all clingy and needy.
lol Just wanted to express how I felt. *big breath*
there.. it's out. :)

It's almost midnight... Just time for a quickie *Antipodean
KMS* before I meet the sand man (who doesn't visit me,
remember? ;)

"goodnight.. goodnight.. parting is such sweet sorrow, that
I shall say goodnight till it be 'morrow.."

JJQ :)

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