Happy days, and then those other ones
2001-08-31 13:32:25 (UTC)

overwhelmed with the world

complicated shit man... it's all complicated shit.

so much fucking complicated shit. Take a stuffed animal
that you've had since you were 2 years old. So... where
all has it been? just your room or did you drag it
everywhere you went? and before that... how long did it sit
on a shelf at a store waiting for someone to buy it? and
where did it come from? How long did it have to travel on
a truck and how far did it go? Did it come all the way
from China on a boat or on a plane? who made it? are
there little kids in a factory some where, or just adults
who have little kids? if they're adults, how long did they
have that job? Did they always live there? Did they have
any dreams? Why didn't those dreams get fulfilled? Do
they ever get so frustrated that they wanted to tear a
stuffed animal's head off? Or the truck driver... did he
have any kids? Did he get into any fights with them? Has
he gotten divorsed? Has he ever seen someone he truely
cared about die? And the stuffing inside the stuffed
animal... where did it come from? Is it from the south
from a plantation where there are no slaves but the workers
make too little for so much wok? Does one of the workers
go home to a sad little wife and hungry children in a small
worn down house and cry each night?

See... life is so complicated... Your little stuffed animal
touched more people's lives than you will ever know... what
about your bouncy ball or your yoyo... and your cereal?
Everything is so damn complicated. I don't really know how
to explain it all. I'm overwhelmed.

Happy Birthday Dustin! you know... my mom was 3 months
pregnant when you were born... i wonder whether she knew
she was or not... and across the world my Mariette Courault
had an 10 day old little girl named Marie-Sophie (my friend
in France) and thousands of babies were born today 18
years ago, too. (i told you the world is overwhelming)
But i only know one of them... and you're all that matters
to me. I love you.

~caroline j.