in deep sh*t
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2001-08-31 12:10:45 (UTC)


I cannot believe what i found out today. That dumb fuck ALL has no life and he is harrasing people. I am going to make his life a living hell. What a fucking loser control freak who has to dish the dirt on people who are trying to move on with their lives! I am so appalled...wwhat lowlifes that have nothing going on in their lives that they have to destroy other peoples'. I am soooo gonna make your life HELL! Its like a fucking tabloid..its not fair that yourpersonal info has to be out like that...one of these days you dirty bastard...one of these days i'll keep my eyes open and i'll lurk around in disguises and watch you and one of these days i'll nab you you dirty fuck and i'm gonna get the real dish on you and TELL THE WHOLE FUCKING WORLD!! One of these days all the women that you fuck will make you sick...i'll find them they must know something. i hope one of them has a disease and you get it. I truly dont understand how someone could be such a CONTROL FREAK!! ...so base.
You're not even a spy or anything but you become a fucking lowlife you get close to people just so that you CAN GET THE DIRT ON THEM bring out secrets and these ppl could end up commiting suicide b/c they cant handle it(i hope r ends up ok). that is FUCKING ABNORMAL!! DECEITFUL!! DISGUSTING!! what kind of motivation is that??ITS NOT EVEN MOTIVATED BY FUCKING MONEY!!!!!

SICK FUCK I'M GONNA GET U. I'M GONNA GET THE DIRT ON YOU YOU DUMB BASTARD SOMEDAY YOU'LL SLIP UP...i know you have a flaw..everyone does. i'm gonna study you and make you crack...and then we will all have a laugh. i'm going to get under your skin you sick reptile

I KNOW you will be watching out for me but you will never realize because i will earn your trust.self righteous fuckwit WHO GIVES YOU THE FUCKING RIGHT???

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