2001-08-31 11:56:53 (UTC)

No Homework

Fortunetely today went well. Bombed my chem 2 test. But had
all my homework done. Anyways, today i pondered most of
everything thats been happening to me the past week. I can't
say that when Laci called me last night that it was wierd,
awkward, or bad. I enjoyed that conversation. It's as if she
was acting like my girlfriend! YES! Anyways, i cant wait to
see her. Hold her in my arms. See those bright eyes lookin
at me back. So you wonder what changed my mind all of a
sudden? Well ive decided i cant just make a decision on a
hunch. I figured that things aren't supposed to be PERFECT
the first second. It takes time. In other news, the new
Slipknot cd sounded good; but the real test comes when i buy
it and listen to it ALL. Yeah, who would wonder that i of
all people i listen to Slipknot? I wonder also. Anyways, im
off to the world of Catholism, Hypocrisy, AND
Conformism!(SCHOOL) YAY!! NOT!!!!!!!