my life, my love and my happiness?
2002-12-18 20:53:35 (UTC)

my comouter is so fucked up

Day one
Time 10:10
T oday was off to a wonderfull start. I got up and got
ready and of corse just like always my mom starts bitching
at me. Then I got over it b.c if I let it bother me it
ruins my day. Then amy and jay pull into the driveway and
I open the door and …… snow goes everywere. Fucking
shit!!! I was so pissed and jason just laught at me and
that pissed me off even more. It was all funny at the same
time though. Ha fucking ha!!! Art was fun I did so good on
my project. I never do work that well and I finaly go a
good piece of art form my art portfolo. Then I went to
english and wrote some poems about how much I hate my
life. And bla bla bla….. then back to art again almost
done with the project thank god ! eveyone is fighting
alica started with jess marsh today wtf it that I wouldent
fuck with her.
Then I went to economics and did tie-die stuff with pete!
Fun fun . that kid is great ! and then I had to deal with
matt and andrew stealing all my shit out of the locker.
Gerrrrr they make me so mad. Everyday something else is
missing. It is hilaroiuse! Liz gave me my christmas
presents today. I got a stuffed cheeta and a cheeta scarf
from old navy and this bad ass belly button ring with a
cat hanging from it. I love it. Meow !!! and then on the
bus ride home= boring , nothing interesting happened no
falshing nothing. My cheetah was molested though. It was
funny. “damn this thing can go in evey position” lol. You
are an ass!!!!!! Then I got home and watched a steve-o
dvd and then went to sleep for an hour. Then I woke up
with a pounding head ache and my mom was home so that
pissed me off. Again!! Then dinner….. chicken and duplings
yummy. It was so goood I love dinner!!!! I wish I could
have gone to the b-ball game but maria was working so…..
then I was going to get some home work done… nope that
didn’t happen instead I made a sub profile and then I
talked to matt and loren. Now I am watching darmah and
greg talking to jay and maria about skating and dave
suitto . haha dave suitto that’s funny. Many many buds
yummy!!! But at the same time we thin it might be dave
madson . humm he is a tricky ass hole of a guy. Prick!!! I
hate his life he is so mean to eveyone that is in his
life. I am so bored I should go to bed b/c im exausted but
I don’t want to so… and my computer will not let me go to
my diary website so.. p.s. to day would have been 3 yrs
for me and john!!! Damn that would have been a long

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