2001-08-31 10:58:30 (UTC)


I'm oblivious to your calling, tired of your freedom. Sick
of your passion, revoked by your stardom. I don't see, The
truth in the lies. I don't see the laughter, In all the
teary eyes. How am I supposed to feel, When you knock me
down? How do I pretend to smile, With an obvious frown?
That's to Tim...Ok, anyways, Tim wants me to stop liking
him...And he means like, now. I dunno how to do that. Mom
said think of all the negative points about him. Honestly,
I dunno many bad points about him. He's shallow, that's for
sure. He's not too cute..But that realli doesn't matter.
Um, that's it. Well, he hates me. That's HIS bad points cuz
he dunno what he's missing...
I dunno what I'm gonna eat today. Probably breakfast and
lunch and that's it...I gotta go soon. School is upon us.
Unfortunatly. I was sick yesterday. With a flu-like thingy.
But, now I'm better so I gotta go back to that prison.
Well...It's not a prison. It's only a prison when Tim's
Ack, obsession..And obliviousness to