moe liljew

Could He be for me?
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2002-12-18 20:26:29 (UTC)

Wow should i really pursue this?

I have been exclusive with this guy for a month. Last night
was our one month anniversary. So far everything has been
wonderful! I havent had a steady BF in so long, I cant
remember what to do. I had my heart broken for a long time
and Im not sure if i should trust this man to mend it. He
wrote me a card: "Our present to each other is that of
touch and sight. FOr this is all one needs to feel
complete. THis is exactly what you do to me, complete." Wow
im not sure if i can trust him, I mean i havent had a man
tell me this. I am not sure if i can trust it being
geniune. So far i havent had any reason to not believe him.
I guess its just so hard for me to trust what any man says.
I mean who in this world actually keeps their promises
It just hurts too much to think that i can trust him then
get my heart stomped on later. I need to make a decision
soon I guess cause it just isnt fair for me to lead him on
any longer. I dont think I am leading him on, everything I
have said to him thus far was real and true.

Just a Song
Voices ring high above
your tone next to my ear
harmoniously you warm my
flecks of blue woven in
your eyes, compose
a trance laden symphony
within my lips


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