This is the beloved air I breathe
2002-12-18 19:47:35 (UTC)

Not dating for a year

Christians are not the 'most holy' and 'perfect' people
that a lot of people think of when they see a Christian.
The truth is that we have the same desires and human-ness
as every other person in the world. When a person says
that they are going to save sex until their wedding day
some people look at them and think "gee, I could never do
that..." well, that's actually not true. If you really
wanted to wait to have sex you could.
Maybe not on your own strength, but one of the cool things
about being a Christian is that as we wait on God, he gives
us strength.
the thing to keep in mind is that the person who has
decided to wait on sex still has the same sexual urges that
the guy who sleeps with different women every night. what
distinguishes the two guys?
delayed gratification
self control
different values

there are two scripture verses I want to refer to:

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" and
"no temptation has seized you but that which is common to

Why is it that when a Chrstian who has made a decision for
purity falls, people get excited about it? Have you ever
heard anyone say "come on, lets go out tonight, I want to
corrupt you". I have had people say that to me all the
Sometimes I'm repulsed
sometimes I'm intrigued
sometimes I'm tempted and
sometimes I actually go

I am weak like everybody else in this world.
you may be sitting there thinking "come on Beth, didnt' you
just say that your God gives you some extra kind of
well, yes I did, but in order to recieve the power of the
Holy Spirit, I have to allow Him to give it to me. I've
heard it said that the Holy Spirit is a gentleman. He will
not force himself upon anyone who does not want Him. If I
do not feel like hearing from God, it's very easy for me to
push it out of me and do the sin which I have set out to

So, I've made this decsion not to date for a year.
What was I thinking?
Remember this guy that I'm always talking about, whom I
said i was going to marry and whom I said I'm in love with
and whom I said likes this other girl yaddy yadda yadda....?
Well, I also said that I've given it up to God and whatever
happens happens. In the process I have discovered
something...did you know that there are other guys in the
world? Omigosh! Some of them are really attractive and
really awesome too! I do'tn think it ever occured to me
when I made this decision not to date for a year that I
would ever want to date anyone other than this kid, and
since I knew that we wouldnt' be dating anytime soon, it
was ok.
well, now I'm getting all these bright ideas about dating
and I've already made the decision not to.
Somebody asked me if that meant I was going to keep my
Of course. I made a commitment before God to honor Him and
I believe that He is going to bless me because of it.
Just because I WANT to date, that doesn't mean that it
would be best for me. In fact, the very fact that I'm so
hard pressed to want to be with someone shows how 'not
ready' I am to date. I want to have established in myself
a very firm sense of who I am and my identity in Christ. I
want to be independent and happy with being single. I am
an awesome person and I need to learn how to live with that
before I go involing other people. Yes, I have weaknesses
and If I'm going to try to change them, now is the time.
think about it: I'm single!
this is like the best time ever
I am free to spend my time with my friends and I dont' have
to worry how any boyfriend feels about it. Christmas and
holidays are cheaper. (although when I go out with friends
I pay my own way, so the money catches up with you)
I can just pack my bags and take off for a missions trip
tomarrow and I don't have to worry about how my significant
other will feel about it. of course there are other
factors, but do you catch me here?
If I was having a lazy day and didnt' want to shower (God
forbid....) I wouldnt' have to worry about pleasing a guy
whom I was dating and right now I am standing at the
threshhold of my life.
I'm 20 years old. imagine that - I've got like 60 years
left according to average statistics. I have the freedom
to imagine my whole future. there are so many possibilites!

(remind me of all of these things when I'm compaining about

in all of this imagining, I need to come back to reality
and get back to my studying for my exam, but it was a
little bit exhileraing to get all that out. I hope I
helped some of you.
have a blessed day.

Remember something else as well:
When God takes something away, he always brings something
there is the story of this man who got laid off from his
good job, and a couple of months later he ended up with the
job of his dreams. He never would have landed that perfect
job if he hadn't been laid off from the first one..
As bleak as it looks to us who only have the view of the
past, the now, and the right ahead, God has such a clearer
vision for our futures. He's taking care of us and we need
to trust Him!!