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2001-08-31 09:57:26 (UTC)

Entry #6 (Need Help On This 1)

Ok, After almost 2 Weeks,
She finally calls Me. I get a message on My call wave. Hey
(whit) This (heather), Hey! This is jessie's last night if
You want a job You should talk to My dad sunday, I'll call
you after work. Imagine that!..Is it because I'm not
working she don't call till now? Or could it be She's just
wondering if I'm interested in a job? (or both)? Does she
still want Me and She feels by this way She can have what
She needs in a man? Of course I want the job , But does she
still want me? Logical way of thinking would be to just
take the job no matter what, And if it happens , It
happens.But Damn I love her! Will it cause a bigger
problem? Or should I say the Hell w/ it and just do it. I
must still be in Her thoughts , Cuz I figure if She really
wanted Me gone completly , She would'nt have called at all
right??? RIGHT? (help) Whats should I do??? And also when I
do talk to her, Do I just talk of taking the job Or do I
tell her how I feel if I were to?I don't wanna be pushy,
But if I only knew what she was thinking. She knows how I
feel for sure. Is that enough? Just talk of the job , huh?

P.S. she didn't call after work.But it was
kinna late. God , I hope She calls tomorrow.(any feed back
would be great! Women?? Help!), I know this is suppose to
be a Diary , But I'm lost on this one and I wanna make it
right.Besides praying alot, It's nice to have an opinon.
Peace out (whit)

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