Chapter One: The Evil Within
2001-08-31 08:57:34 (UTC)

The Greatest Night I Can Remember!

This was the greatest night, and morning, I can ever
remember! I went to open mic night and met Justin Kuzma's
ex, Alex, she is really cool and has these kick ass dreds,
and she is really nice, she read my poem for open mic
night! And then I met her friend, Chad, he is really cool,
he is like a copy of me, minus the menstral cycle and
boobs, adding a penis and sac, ya know, well kinda I guess,
Yeah, but I like him, he rocks, and I wouldnt mind getting
to know him better and thats stuff, I got to wear the
really spiffy hat, yay! :) Too bad I was in a skirt, that
was probably the only thing that sucked tonight! I hung at
Denny's all night, and practically half the morning, it was
so fun, I just cant really stop smiling, and its odd, cause
I feel like spending just those few hours with Alex,
Justin, & Chad, I can really connect with them all in
different ways, like Justin, and my family have about the
same thing going on, and me and Alex, are both chicks with
cool beliefs, and Chad and I, we listen to alot of the same
movies, and music, and we are both tickleish, and knows
about my ears and all that, and he has his back of his
neck, and if you just graze his sides, well thats what I
have learned thus far! He got his ears peirced, and the one
was all red, and i felt bad and offered to kiss it and make
it feel all better! And I would have too! And my parents
weren't all that happy about me getting home at 4 in the
morning, but I, being the greatest person in the world
(power trip), talked them into letting me, one night a
week, stay out till 4, on the weekend, and then from there
prolly like 2:30, as long as they know where I am, which
normally wouldnt be all that bad, because, I dunno, it just
dont seen like that big of a prob, but I did great at the
debating with them, they didnt ground me, or yell, and they
are even going to let me hang out tomorrow if I have
someone to hang with, that is, so yay! Yeah, they are
pretty cool sometimes, I have to give them that much
credit! Okay, but anyways, Justin, Chad, and I are all left
handed, and watch wrestling, we all like the allience,
though I cant spell, and Chad and I both still kinda like
the WWF. And then they talked about boxing, thats not my
thing! So I just sat obliviously! Yeah, that me, ya know
that person in the corner that you dont often recognize,
cause there are normally better people to do so, I am that
oblivious girl in the corner, but for the first time in a
bit, I felt special, cause I am a "babe"! Chad you rock,
and we really do have to hang, you are soo spiffy!! Okay,
so maybe this is getting a little long, and people dont
want to hear me babble, so yeah, I will write more later on.