pollen makes me sneeze
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2001-08-31 07:07:42 (UTC)

biiiig catchup

well, hello diary. i haven't written to you in AGES and
AGES there's lots of stuff to say so let's get started.
firstly: i got a job interview with safeway last thursday.
i hope i get the job. i think i did okay, and they said
they'd call me back but it friday now and they still
haven't. hopefully they haven't forgotten me yet ***cross
secondly: we had a maths test last monday that i thought i
did really, really, really bad in. as in a fail. as in i
thought i only got about 20% right. well, it turned out i
was right. i did do really, really bad. well, not as bad as
i thought, but still bad. i got 53% which is a D, and
that's not so good. on the other hand i did at least pass.
you need 40% to pass and a few people didn't get that. i
asked mr stupid synnot for a re-test a he didn't give me
one. jerk.
thirdly: i was talking to lizzi the other day and it turned
out her grandma's died. she said it's been tough but she'll
make it through.
fourthly: we finally got to meet floyd. carmel brought him
over to dinner on sunday night [mum's birthday] and he's
quite nice. better than you-know-who [i refuse to think
about him any longer. what a loser. all i have to say is
that i did warn them but typically they didn't listen].
fifthly: parent teacher interviews are in a couple of
weeks. i hope dad doesn't see mr synnot. ouch.
sixthly: we have to do a slide show presentation in IT. i
did mine on slave labor. it took ages. it was due today and
when i went on one of the year nine computers to check the
timing, all the contents of my disk got deleted [??!]. so
now i have to do it ALL OVER AGAIN DAMMIT. bloody hell.
seventhly: i would just like to say that the goodwill games
eighthly: phoebe's getting de-sexed next month. about time
ninthly: i hate textiles and ended up skraping the inside
of my wrist with a quick un-pick while i was undoing a
wrong row of stitches last lesson.
tenthly: sandi liked juice [??!!!!!!!!]
eleventhly: juice sucked.
twelfly: mr marshall is a moron who noes nothing about
computers. but he's better than mrs buchan i guess.
thirteenthly: brigidine day was fun. hee hee.
fourteenthly: i wanna see bridget jones' diary.
fifteenthly: i didn't try out for the softball team but now
i wish i did.
sixteenthly: i sick of this. goodbye!


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