Lil* Black Backpack
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2001-08-31 06:39:30 (UTC)

You Remind me of what I really Am......

Hello.... well I wish I could say that everything has been
going great for me, but to tell u the truth, I feel like
Sh**. I really hoped that some way me and J'son would be
together, but hope ran dry I guess. I cant believe that me
and him are over, it took me by such suprise. When I wrote
him I thought that he would never want to talk to me again,
but when he told me he still loved me and he wanted to
still be with me, well I was in shock. I seriously thought
it was over between me and him, I hope that maybe the hope
I've lost from and him, a lil might come back. I miss him
a whole lot.
Well I have some pretty good news, I have a diff. date for
homecoming, me and my friends cousin. I'm kinda gettin a
lil excited, but I think I would feel better about the
whole thing if it was me and J'son but I guess some things
are hard to come true. I just hope he realizes what he is
missing out on.
Well today went okay, and a lil slow at the same time. I'm
pretty sure it could have been better. I'm going to try my
best to move on, once I find out that mine and J'son's
break off is final, but I'm still not sure. Well I'm gonna
got to sleep so nite, nite...!!!

-Luv Shelley

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