A Place Like This
2001-08-31 06:38:13 (UTC)

Feelin all sorts of yucky.

well well...what's new? I think I might have a lil health
prob. here, buti can't talk about it much. Maybe an ulcer,
or something, who knows?

just got off of icky work a lil bit ago. quite tired now.
I've lost 5 pounds somehow, and i'm not sure how. it may
have to do with my health issue. we shall see, if this
problem continues.

Been chatting with people online. I wonder how many famous
people actually come online. It's funny. it could
completely BE a famous person,and you just don't believe
them. too bad there are wayyyy too many posers out there.

I got some pics back today, some from the Cols. Nsync
concert. Mom and i were wasting film and took pictures of
me...which i hate. and i looked good for Christ's sake.
my stepdad told my mom i need to wear make up more often
because i look SOOO much diff. I agree, so it doesn't make
me angry. LOL. Diff as in better, because my best
features are enhanced. can be such a
superficial thing, but i only wear makeup when i want to.
not all the fricken time because it's a pain in the booty.

oh well. life goes on right?

Melissa... and next time...i will tell you all about
Dawson's Creek and being an extra. bwahaha. i love
bragging rights.