One hell of a life
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2002-12-18 10:05:46 (UTC)

12-18-02 entry twenty one

Okay it's been pretty long since i wrote...last friday I
stayed over at lois's house. Astrid called up and asked us
to go over - cause all the guys were there! So we went
over, and all the P.O.S was there, like: Jeff, Germ, Eric,
Shaun, Josh, Claudius, Timo, Tomaz, and some other guy who
was pretty hot. Melody and Aurelie was there too. (Astrid's
parents are out of town.) Anyway, yeah we were having fun
but then they were all drunk (except for eric and shaun -
they're so great!)
We went outside and...the guys broke the treehouse haha.
They just laughed (all drunk) but Aurelie screamed at them
and started saying her dad was gonna kick her ass. The guys
laughed some more and blamed it on each other, then said
they'd fix it in the morning.
Astrid came screaming outside telling Jeff and Josh to fuck
off, cause turns out she'd given them both
the same fucking time. Then she was screaming about how
much she hated them and she kept going, "kam i swear, i
swear if i had a gun i'd kill them!!! stay here.." in the
end she cried a bit, then calmed down.
We decided to leave (some of the guys and Lois and Aurelie
were off getting beers) and astrid locked the house.
Melody, Astrid and I linked arms and walked, and the other
guys walked behind us.
Later we had to go (lois and i) and so we kissed Aurelie
and Jeremy goodbye (Aurelie was upset cause Jeremy was
upset cause he liked Astrid and Aurelie liked him) and
walked on. Lois told me that Jeff puked about seven times
everywhere, which freaked me out. We came and saw Astrid
and Melody sitting in the middle of the road in her
compound and the guys sitting on the side. Everyone was
quiet. We kissed astrid and Melody goodbye too (all on the
cheeks) and astrid was (i think drunk again) going, "aw
bye kam, i love you kam bye! i love you!"
SO that was so messed up...we really thought it would
change their lives...but no...We called them up the
next day after shopping for Christmas presents and Astrid
was fine about it, she said they'd all apologized and it
was all okay again. They were at her house watching movies!

Haha well thats the update on SAS and the French school...

Today was the last day of school...YES! Hell yeah we get
three weeks off...but im kinda missing the guys and girls
already... Today was raining, and Year 11 and above (which
is us) had a soccer game against the was
hilarious...i didnt wanna play, so i watched them, and
talked with whoever was waiting to go onto the field. It
was pretty weird (funny) watching the teachers run around
in the rain in shorts. Anyway, I got cold so Ben let me
borrow his jacket, and when we were all going home
(Students won - 5-0 - YeaH!) Mr. Taylor (Who's pretty hot
for a teacher) sort of play-punched me on the arm and
shook my hand "Merry Christmas, have a good holiday, ey?"
in his australian accent. I was like, yeah...
Then the second time i bumped into him, he punched me on
the arm again "See ya, Kamara"
Third time he was like, "Bye, for like the third time".

What the hell... I'm talking about a teacher, I'm so weird.
OKAY I've moved into my house btw...I've got everything i
need in my room...the only reasons I'd have to leave is for
the bathroom and for food. Ha. I've got a computer, ADSL, a
phone, sofa, TV, sterio player, Bookshelf, cupboard, bed
(all the obvious stuff)and it's great. Okay, enough
bragging, I'm gonna go's the Xmas holidays.

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