Amanda and Shelley

Day Light Confusion
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2001-08-31 06:28:48 (UTC)

Sinking to the Bottom...

Hello every one, this is Shelley again. WEll I havent
talked to J'son at all ever since that night. We had a lil
talk that night but thats about it. I have some pretty
good news though. Okay well here it is, I have another date
for homecoming. It's my friend Barbie's cousin. He is
cute, and I know him pretty well so its not like I'm
getting set up on a cheap date or ne thing. I just really
hoped that it would be J'son I was going with, but I guess
everything happens for a reason, and I guess I was just
sinking to the bottom instead of floating to the top. I
guess I'll just have to be strong, and hope that everything
turns out for the best in the end, well I'll let ya know if
ne thing special happens soon -k-, well nite nite!!!!

- Luv Shelley