Cosmic Rain
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2002-12-18 09:15:48 (UTC)

Hot Diggety Dog

It's gonna be's gonna be sizzling...Hot diggety
dog...I can't wait for Saturday...NOT!!! Then again I can
scoot over to my folks air con home and then go for a few
laps in their poo...And..oooh..dear me..That's POOL!!! Damn
the fingers that type too fast that make you say the
darnest things...

I'd like to say one thing. Things confuse me...

It was funny today...Went down to the post office and was
a woman outside with guitar..And obviously had some cd's to
sell..So was hoping she would have a little sing, just to
see what she sounded like...Cause always interested in
anything acoustic..So in the post office and hear singing.
Couldn't hear too well though, but didn't sound like
anything wonderful...And only lasted for 5mins if
that...Then when I came out some guy must have in that less
than 5 mins decided that he liked her..And when I looked I
thought..Jeezus...She was in the tightest little blue dress
that almost showed off what undies she had underneath and
come fuck me boots and as I passed I heard."I know I'm
realllly talented and when I play to a crowd I get a great
response..I'm 34..yadda something.."...Hmmmm well if you
were up on stage and the drunk buggers were hanging around
it would most likely be because they aren't noticing ya
singing...Actually I shouldn't say that...That's mean...But
I just thought on a day like today...In this stinking hot
weather and the way she was dressed??..And the amount of
make-up...I'm not really sure if she was trying for
attention to her 'talent" in singing...I'll be back down at
the post office tomorrow, so if she's down there I hope I
actually get a listen...

Bloody FOD!!!!

Hmmmm I was just checking on the weather, cause I am
obsessive about the weather and I noticed this thing at the
bottom of the web page..

What the???..Miss Period Face??'s a worry, but a
funny worry none the less..I'm sure I will design my period
face and send it off to everyone that see's me in person,
so whenever they see that face they know to stay away or
approach with

Anyway I am hungry..I want food

*wanders off for food*

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