The days of my life
2001-08-31 05:49:31 (UTC)

hmmm ok

well, I don't have much to say today. I just thought that I
should write something. I talked to my friend Scott last
night who raked me over the coals for my living conditions.
He basically had me in tears by the time it was all over. I
don't know could have been the alcohol I was drinking
causing the tears, but who knows. He said some really harsh
things. But time to get over that. I will be just fine
because I say that I will be just fine. And that is the way
that things work.:) alright enough of a pep talk to myself
now. I guess that is about it. Work is still going well, I
guess and you know it is a life. What ever I would love to
find something else but it is decent pay. so I am going to
stop whining now and go away for today. till tomorrow.