It smells like poop over here
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2002-12-18 06:35:52 (UTC)

but it's better, where your going anyway

after work, i went to the night 89x stole christmas with
joe, lauren and kate. it was ok. zwan kinda sucked, that's
billy corgan's new band. good charlotte was ok, better than
when i saw em at warped, which sucked...except for alkaline
trio, NFG was pretty good, and better than at warped, but
not as good as when i saw em at the state with laura.
didn't stay for box car racer, cause they suck.
TRUSTcompany was ok, couldn't tell many songs apart,
except "downfall". the vines are weird, the singers is just
trying to be a starving artist i swear. he smashed his
guitar around then played still, he crawled on the ground,
and fell and shit. tossed himself into the drums. what a
got a GLAPW show on friday, im working "Flaming" Max
Damin, otherwise known as nate ganulous. he's a dick, but
hopefully we can put the past behind us and put on a good
match. they're should be a lot of people there. i gotta get
rich's mom to put a design on my singlet. i might nair my
chest and i think im gonna get a fake tan tomorrow and
probably get my hair cut. i may not have good body, but i
can probably make myself look a lil better.
i plan on sleeping in tomorrow, i don't gotta work til 3
but i gotta work until 10. i don't know when im gonna put
that design on my singlet, maybe friday morning, or
thursday; or even wednesday after work. we gotta go to port
huron to get the ring though. im outty, gonna shower and
hit the hay. PEACE


P.S. i hate the holidays