I'm a girl, not a band!!!
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2002-12-18 06:00:20 (UTC)


Don't like 'em. I'm sure I've written about them before.
I'm highly allergic to them and they seem to know that and
come annoy me in particular.

My sister sent her cat home (home=here) with a friend
while she's in Jax. So, there is a cat here and she is
not. The cat has tried to kill me, twice. Nobody else
believes me, but it has. I swear. It gives me the evil eye
whenever it looks at me. As if to tell me that it's gonna
lay on my face when I'm sleeping and send me into such a
huge allergic reaction that I'll suffocate to death while
he sits calmly on my chest licking his paws clean of all
responsibility while waiting for me to die.

Damn cats.