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2001-08-31 04:50:10 (UTC)

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hey mod.......nothing new

z16: Jenxz16: hey what's up
SeeCharles: hi
SeeCharles: ah..not much..just frustrated with that stuff I
told you about
Jenxz16: so what exactly is going on with you
Jenxz16: do you have a new girlfriend now or something
SeeCharles: hmm.. if you were listening last night, that's
pretty much it
Jenxz16: so are u thinking of going out with her or do you
think you're not "in love"
SeeCharles: I've been falling in love slowly over time
without knowing it or believing it.. and now it looks like
everything could fall apart..
Jenxz16: first of all calm down, something strong never
falls apart liek that
SeeCharles: I mean.. I really and truly believed that this
would never happen between us, I just didn't think of it
like that
Jenxz16: but now it has
SeeCharles: yeah... but it feels like it could
Jenxz16: so what's the wrong in it
Jenxz16: just go for it
SeeCharles: and even if it it couldn't, I still feel like
it can...
SeeCharles: I hope it will work somehow
Jenxz16: look, it's not that hard
Jenxz16: just tell her you're slowly falling in love with
her and ask her out
SeeCharles: everything is so easy for you to say
tinsy4you: oh wow
Jenxz16: see, he is falling for you
tinsy4you: wow
tinsy4you: thankx alot
Jenxz16: but he
Jenxz16: s
tinsy4you: ?
tinsy4you: he's??
Jenxz16: still this overanalyzing person
Jenxz16: with the "ah i have to take it all so seriously"
tinsy4you: i guess
tinsy4you: i dont' knowl........he knows me more than
anybody else
Jenxz16: is he talking to you? asking you out yet?:
tinsy4you: no
tinsy4you: just asking about my day
Jenxz16: hmm, i think you're better off without him
tinsy4you: why?
tinsy4you: tell me
Jenxz16: you dont' need that stressman
tinsy4you: i need to know
Jenxz16: he's overanalyzing like everymove

Jenxz16: i'm just liek if you like someone ask her out
tinsy4you: what's he saying to you??
tinsy4you: Past it here??
tinsy4you: please
Jenxz16: SeeCharles: I can't stop thinking about her, and
every time I see her I feel like I'm falling in love all
over again, and I'm afraid of not having control of my
SeeCharles: heart I guess
tinsy4you: anything else?
Jenxz16: Jenxz16: look what you need to do is talk to her,
in person
Jenxz16: make a date
Jenxz16: then tell her your concerns and see how she reacts
to them
Jenxz16: Jenxz16: and tell her how she feels so you both
have a ground understanding and then decide if you want to
date her or not
Jenxz16: but if you think you're inlove go for it
Jenxz16: because it doesnt' happen often and if you dont
now, you might regret it later
SeeCharles: I appreciate your advice..but it doesn't sound
at all like what I'd do
Jenxz16: so what are U going to do
SeeCharles: right now she's avoiding going out with me
Jenxz16: you might be just what she needs to stabalize her
SeeCharles: and it's not even as a date
SeeCharles: yes, exactly
SeeCharles: I am already that anyway