Just Peach-o
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2002-12-18 04:56:16 (UTC)

Just Thinking

Ok, well today I went to church with my mom and my brother
to wait through their music rehearsals. My mom is
practicing the alto part in the Christmas musical and my
brother is playing the drums in our youth band. The lead
guitarist in the youth band is THE hottest guy I have ever
met. I think I have said that about every guy I have ever
liked, but I mean it about Clay. But I think I said that
about all of them too. But, like all guys worth getting,
Clay has a girlfriend. Her name is Jordan and although I
have never met her, everyone says she totally gorgeous so
of course I totally jealous. Clay and I are good friends,
and there is a a good chance he is interested in a more
than friends relationship, but he hasn't said anything
about it yet. And I doubt he will soon. Guys tell me I'm
hott, and people tell me I'm pretty. Some lady stopped me
in the mall once and asked me to come to an open call for
her modeling agency. It was exciting, but kind of
downplayed by the fact that I had spilled coffee all over
my shirt a minute before. My brother told me it would down
in history the famous super model everyone envies was
discovered in a dirty shirt. But anyway, if I'm supposedly
so hott and everything, why is Clay going out with that
Jordan chick? I asked my friend Joel, friend of Clay, and
he told me that Jordan was alot shorter and goes to Clay's
school. I should mention that I am 12 and 5'10" and
homeschooled. I like being tall sometimes and love being
homeschooled pretty much all the time. Except when it
snows, I don't get snow days, which stinks, but whatever.
Anyway, Joel's a pretty nice kid and he's getting hotter
everyday. I knew him when I was really little so I feel
like he's a close friend. Kind of. Well, of course Joel
also has a girlfriend, some chick named Tori. Why do all
these guys have to go out with girls who have boys'
names?!?! I met a girl the other day whose name was Tyler.
What parent would name their daughter TYLER? Oh, sorry if
you're a girl and your name's Tyler. I guess I should be
more careful. Anyway, I just really, really, really like
Clay and he is my really good friend. He even included me
publicly in his 'gang'! And he told me he thought my
cousin was hott and then three weeks later he and my
cousin and I were hanging out and he told us we looked
alot alike except she has blue eyes and mine are greens
and I'm three inches tallerand she's 14. But he only said
we looked alike and had different color eyes. Well
actually he said that she had blue and I had "some other
color eyes". It was a little harsh, but I couldn't help
feeling that if she was hott and we looked alike I
couldn't be doing so bad.
I have never had a boyfriend or been kissed. My favorite
movie, actually, is Never Been Kissed. Well, that doesn't
matter. But why is that? I mean, people tell me I'm hott,
we went over that. So why no boyfriend and why no kissing?
eh? Oh well. I'll write more later.