.:| )emoNAngeL:.
2001-08-31 04:33:14 (UTC)


August 31...Friday

Well...just on for a bit to do my web site thing...I will
come back in a bit to bitch about something or another...I
had a delicious raspberry green tea cooler from seven
eleven tonight...Lyndsy and I were bored so we went for a
walk. The big Goth/Industrial party is tomorrow night
downtown. Hmmm...we were waiting for Lyndsy's bus to take
her home tonight and a guy stopped at the Stop sign...his
light was on inside and he looked all natural...except for
he was spanking his monkey...quite vigorously...I would
have been creeped out, but I work drive thru late and night
and I've seen almost everything now...and I'm only 18!
Wow...I better get going...My new *30 hole* boots kill my

Mood: In pain! Snuggly, bored, sad
Music: Marilyn Manson-Holywood
Adema-Adema Machinehead-The Burning Red
A Clockwork Orange Soundtrack