I am Jack
2002-12-18 04:23:23 (UTC)

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary...

The weather here has been dreary for the past several
days: rain, fog, and cold, high winds that have done some
damage here. It comes and goes, but doesn’t seem to want to
go for good. (and of course it seems to start up again
whenever I have to walk or drive somewhere.)
I’m adjusting to things pretty good I guess. I’ve been
trying to get the hang of the roads here; things are so
different. I’m sure the roads were engineered this way for a
reason, and I know we’ve got to share it with the busses,
taxis and trolleys, but since I don’t quite understand how
it all works yet my intial reaction is, “this is so stupid!”
Examples: you can’t turn left on the majority of the roads.
If you want to go left you usualy have to turn right then
come back around to an intersection, but sometimes that
doesn’t work because half the roads are one way, so you end
up going awhile before you can turn left then you double
back, sometimes for miles. Some streets don’t even have
signs, and those that do are small and hard to read,
especially on a dark and foggy night. Sometimes you’ll be
driving along and with no warning, the street suddenly
branches and you are forced to go usually where you weren’t
planning. Trying to get back on track isn’t that easy due
to the afore mentioned no left turns and poor sign
visibility factors. And to someone like me who has a bad
sense of diredtion to begin with, I’ve gotten lost a few
times. I know, just shut up and take the subway. Well,
that’s what I will be doing now that I kinda know where
things are. This city has one of the best public
transportation systems in America, I’ll take advantage of it
when I can.
But while driving and walking downtown, I’m just
overwhelmed by all the things to see and do; so many things
just crammed into a single block. I’ve already got a long
list of places I need to go back to and check out when time
and money allow. It’s just such a different landscape; you
are driving and come up over a hill to see miles of streets
and city sprawling out below you. I got lost in downtown the
other day, but wasn’t too upset cause I got to drive through
Chinatown on the way back. And yesterday coming back from
the post office I had to take a detour, but it led to a
street right along the coast (and near the San Francisco
Zoo) So, pulled into a parking lot along the road, got down
and walked along the beach for a bit, kinda rocky and muddy,
but beautiful nonetheless; where else could you do that?
I sent off a bunch of resumes for design jobs recently,
some of which I feel pretty good about my chances. My
roomate says that companies start hiring again here in
January, the new year; I hope he’s right.

A couple other miscellaneous things:
•Went to Chi’s company Christmas party as his “guest” last
weekend. It was at a restraunt/club called Piyassa, then
went with some of the other co-workers to a sort of
afterparty at a guy’s house afterwards, that was a fun
•We went to Japan town the other night, ate dinner & walked
around. An interesting area.
•Some really good DVDs I’ve seen recently: The Red Violin &
American History X
•I want to see Star Trek Nemesis! I’ve tried to see it twice
now, and both times something has prevented me from seeing
it. Might try again tommorow; and LOTR Two towers comes out tommorow,
I gotta see that too.