things running through my mind.
2002-12-18 04:15:46 (UTC)

ki ki dionk...?

ya.. ok bout the mike thing one day at lunhc the jrs called
my name soo i looked over and mike truned around and i was
like ok.. and then jess goes did u hear bout the bet i was
like ya i kno but wait wut do u kno and she told me that
the bet was to see if he could get me to sign a condom.. i
was like ok i didnt hear taht one and also kristen told me
that then one he had detention adn i was standin outside
the room wiht brandy and hes like mike theres ur girl.. i
was huh.. y doesnt he come and talk to me.. y do all the
shy adn weird ppl like me i mean im not a shy person i talk
to ppl. well nuthin has happened in a few days soo mayb its
all over.. i liked to kno he liked me but i dotn want it to
all turn out to b a gay joke u kno!
vball is goin good i got to play durning the whole
tournament woo hoo im soo happy last year i never got to
play and i was mad but now im happy!
hm....i need to go adn make sum x-mas presents im a lil
bhiind well i gtg time to sleep its late bubi