My Mind
2001-08-31 04:14:34 (UTC)

another night

well i cant sleep again but i must say the pain is rather
minamal. i havent hurt much and so far im able to sneeze
now and laugh a little more. my mind is a little more at
ease and im not so depressed anymore but im afraid that it
has only passed for a short while. sometimes i find myself
thinking of nothing but the accident then other times i
find myself thinking of things to do and things to come. i
decided to move on and forget about it cause there really
is nothing i can do about it and so far it hasnt come back
and bit me in the ass so obviously i got lucky. i will
never forget it but i garuntee when i do decide to drive
again i will be more careful and i will watch my speed and
wear my seat belt. i miss my car but i think im able to
get a truck that is a lot better and safer than the car
was. though i loved that car ive always wanted a truck and
if i get the one i want i will be content. well i better
get to bed soon considering will might get up early :)