the key to my life
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2001-08-31 04:12:41 (UTC)

August 30, 2001

Well, I think last night I had an emotional type of
breakdown. I got it in my head that I wanted to start a
fast, I have never before fast in my life. I decided that I
was just going to come out and tell my husband what I was
doing, because he would find out anyways. Well, let's just
say that it obviously did not go well. He said that I would
eat even if he had to sit there and watch me. Talk about
over exaggerating! Anyways, I played it cool today, ate
dinner, the only meal I have with him. Tomorrow I will
start my fast of 10 days (hopefully!). My current stats are
5'6 149lbs, I want to be 100lbs, that may or may not be too
thin, I will just have to wait and see. All for now!

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