Book of the Purple Faerie
2002-12-18 02:58:36 (UTC)


What an interesting day it's been. I woke up at 7 am to
wish my mom and brothers good day as they went to school
and work, then went back to bed to be woken around 11 by H-
chan, who had been invited by Jess to spend the night in
preparation of opening night of Two Towers. I gave her my
blessing and slept for another hour, then showered. No
sooner do I get out of the shower than Aunt Darlene calls
asking me to babysit for a couple of hours. I figured, hey,
my plans for the day were canceled, might as well help out.
So I threw Mom's laundry in the dryer and went on down.

I was kind of melancholy on the way... Heather claims that
she'll see Two Towers twice, once Wedn. with Jess and once
Thursday with me. But we're poor now, and I don't know if
she ought to spend the money. Especially since she wants
that gerbil now (EEEE It's So Cute!). She shouldn't try to
please everyone. I'm a big girl, I can handle seeing a
movie by myself. I'd like to say that I don't care, but I
do understand. She and Jess hardly saw each other this past
semester, and they promised to see each other over break.
Maybe I'm still paranoid that one day Jess will just return
to her old self and I'll lose my best friend. Not like I
haven't lost friends before. I guess this just made my
fears resurface. Another part of me wants to go by myself
now to prove I'm alright with everything. I mean, it's not
like I can't have a good time by myself. I don't know what
it is... I just think too much.

So I get to Grandma's at about 1:15 and Ryan and Eric are
there. I ask when Aunt Dar will be back and she says
probably about 4-5:30, depending on when they get her into
the doctor's office. My mom, dad, grandpa, and bros were
all going to General McClaine for a basketball game. The
kids were... needy. This is a reminder that I will NOT HAVE
CHILDREN FOR A VERY LONG TIME. But we made it by through
watching Pokemon and YuGiOh, which didn't turn out to be so
bad. Then Tony returned and we watched more NickToons and
card games and I helped organize their cards. I got two
calls from Aunt Dar, one around 4:45 to say Dennis and she
were finished with their doctor appointment and were going
to eat, then again at 6:15 to say they'd finished eating
and were on the way home. All in all, the 20 bucks I made
in the event made it rather worthwhile. In one day, my cash
flow went from a total of $8 to $78 ($50 from Great Grandma
Kirsch down in Nicktown. Thanks, Great Grandma!)

The $10 Joe gave me for gas was enough to fill my gas tank
and I got home around 7:15, then began doing all the chores
I had planned to do during the day: dishes, sweeping,
laundry, etc. To my surprise, Mom came home at 7:30. So I
finished up my chores and then Joanne came over and we made
cut out cookies. I think Mom was very impressed with my
daily to do list. My dinner was a salad with LOTS of
goodies (chicken, olives, cheese...) which I ate in front
of the computer as I watched Love Hina. I have cramps very
bad... Need a hot pad.

So, I've still got a lot to do. I can work on wrapping
Christmas gifts and stuff later. Will probably have to help
my brothers with homework. Will update later! Ta!

Squeak. Squeak.

PS- I don't think I explained yesterday's title. Heather's driveway
is very long and always snowy. Last year, Tom's car sunk into the
snow and it took up about an hour to get him out. It sucked a lot.
Ever since, I've been terrified of it. Joe's driveway isn't much
better =(