The Big Change( working title)
2001-08-31 04:04:34 (UTC)

The Arrival

Well, let's see......Nothing has gone as planned and I am
not sure if I even have a job, but i do feel I am where I
belong.....for now.

I didn't have a chance to see Mr. Right. Actually, I think
I subconciously didn't go, because the good-bye would be so
hard. I seemed to get through the family and friends good-
bys with only a couple boxes of kleenex gone. I am really
proud of myself.

The hardest one to say good-bye to was my favorite red
head. She knows me better than anyone else thinks they do,
only because our thinking and feeling are similar.

Now is the hard part. After a few days rest, I need to get
it together, and start my new life.

Take a deep breath, the ride is about to engage.