Bleeding Soul

My Shit of a Life
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2002-12-18 01:05:28 (UTC)

Life Sux: and this is why

Why is the world so cruel to me?
Where did I go wrong?
All I want is to live a normal life
I don’t have to be “happy”
I just want the world to tell me the truth
When will I know the way people really feel about me?
Do I have to continue to live with all these lies?
I hate living more than ever now
They all lie to me just to make themselves “happy”
But no one is truly “happy” inside
So why fake it anyway?
Why not tell the truth and stay that way?
It all gets so complicated when the truth is not known
Innocent people that have told the truth get hurt
Yet no one even seems to notice their pain and suffering
Its like we are invisible when we are hurting
Even if it lasts for years at a time
And then when they find out, they still don’t care
All they care about is their own “happiness”
But sometimes their plan turns on them

People who fall in love hurt the most
Everything seems to be going well
Then the next thing you know
It all blows up in your face
The truth comes out at the wrong time
And you see all of their lies
And it hurts to know that someone could care so little
about you
That someone would cheat on you or use you
You feel worthless again and this time you have no one to
confide in
Your “love” has treated you wrong with no remorse
And you are left so empty
You feel that if one person would do this to you
Why wouldn’t someone else?
And so you are afraid of love
And you feel that love doesn’t truly exist
“No one could possibly ever love me”
Somehow you always manage to say that before, during, and
after a relationship
And it seems so true
But then the next thing you know
You have remembered someone you cared a lot about
And you wonder if they will tell you the truth
Or if they will treat you the same as the last person you
And for a while, sometimes months into the new
relationship, you still ask that
And it is so difficult to trust them
And its all because the last guy fucked with your head

We never think that this could happen to us
But before you know it, you are the next one to endure this
The awful, excruciating pain of deception
So now you know why I am the way I am
They have lied to me all my life
And Corey was supposed to be different
He was supposed to be the one to make it all better
The one to comfort me when I was hurting
But he turned around and did the same as everyone else
He fucked with my head when I was at my worst times
And I couldn’t be hurt more because of that
And the bad thing is, I still love him.