this is my life
2001-08-31 03:41:16 (UTC)

:::i thought we'd make a great team...:::

today sucked. so far anyways. its only 1023pm, so its
possible for things to become a little better, but it looks
pretty doubtful. i drove to school in the rain today- its
still fucking raining...and i jus checked the forcast and
its supposed to rain until thursday...thats a whole fucking
week!! this may sound crazy, but i prefer the schorching
heat to rain like this- at least when its hot you can still
go out and go swimming and stuff. and since school has
started, and the weather has changed this week, i can
totally see it turning into winter soon...and i hate
winter. i jus cant stand cold weather.
my classes were alright. lecture for computing was kinda
funny. i have this really old teacher who laughs at his own
dumb jokes and goes off on tangets that dont have anything
to do with computing...it took him the whole class time to
read one page of the book to us because of that. i cant
imagine how we are going to cover the whole thing going at
a rate like that. after my last class i tried to call
fratboy to see if he wanted to do anything today but he
wasnt home. i drove home and called my ex on the way there
and stopped and had lunch with him. i went over to my best
friend's house and we decided to go do something. ive been
wanting to sell my books from last semester, so we decided
to go do that. i couldnt sell my spanish book because i
didnt have the cd that came with it and they only gave me 2
dollars for the english book i had. we got back to the car,
and i tried to call fratboy again. i tried his place but
got the answering machine and i didnt leave a message
because he told me last night that he doesnt even know how
to check it yet. then i called his cell and he picked up
but the connection was so shitty that we coulndt talk at
all, and im not even sure if he knows it was me. i called
back and got his voicemail and left a message. he never
called back of course.
i was going to go off on some long rant about how much i
hate the situation im in right now, but im sick of typing.
and im sick of thinking about it. so anyways ill sum it up
by saying that ive had more than i can handle with dense
dumb boys, im tired of being strung along not knowing
what'll happen, and if i dont see him this weekend thats
gonna be it--- i cant handle this shit anymore.
thats all for now
oh by the way, starting tomorrow im going to keep track of
how many miles i drive each day...cuz i drive so much.