Wandering Thoughts
2001-08-31 03:33:25 (UTC)

August 30th 2001

"Cornwall: Come on, baby, light my fire...
Devon: You know, there's nothing more pathetic than a flame
retarded dragon."

My first full day as a resident of MA. You would think
that I would get up early and go exploring, huh?? Well,
you'd be wrong. I woke up at 3 oclock in the afternoon.
The people I'm staying with were suppose to be coming home
at 4 so we could head up to New Hampshire to pick up their
kids. I had to make a mad dash to get all ready. Another
one of my boxes arrived. I started to freak b/c 2 were
suppose to come. I went on the UPS website and just found
out it got left behind and was in MA and should arrive
tomorrow. That's a relief! New Hampshire was pretty.
Lots of trees. We ate at a tiny little restaurant there.
I had chicken fingers and fries. I feel sooo nasty right
now. Not sure if it's cuz I'm depressed or just bad food.
HEHEHEHE, you would think one would be able to tell. LOL.
We got home pretty late, I'm exhausted. I move in
tomorrow, wowzers. I'm kinda bummed b/c I don't get to
take all my stuff at once. The rest comes on Monday. I'm
gonna try to talk them into bringing it all at once. That
way I can get settled sooner. Well, cross your fingers.
My friend (well ex friend) Sergio is the absolute biggest
ass!!!! He was soo mean to me today. He got all pissed at
me and started cussing at me and calling me names.
Needless to say... I ended the friendship. Growl. I'm
just waiting for Briny to sign back on... they went to
dinner. HMM... I'm meeting my roomie tomorrow so I'm sure
I'll have loads to chat about!