sex sells, and (unfortunately) i like it
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2002-12-18 00:01:44 (UTC)


i hate it when kids are made fun of. i always knew my
friend got made fun of and it makes me really sad because
he is liek the nics kid ever, but i was jsut reading hid
diary and it is to sad. he cant help the things that he
gets mad fun of for. and even if he cold, other people have
noright to say anything about him especially if he had
never done anything to them.jesus i jsut hate howmean
people are...

but ayway... i havea spanish oral to present tomaoorw,
adn i havent memorized it yet... yep im jsut about
screwed...hmmm o ell i hate my spanish teacher anyways...

o my god, lol i am talking to my ex best friend right
now... it is odd. some times i mis her and others i am just
liek why would i ever wanna be friend with that bitch
again? she is liek the worst friend anyome could ask for.
but we were jsut so close for so long and i just mis it

what ever

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