My Life
2001-08-31 03:18:01 (UTC)

My So Called Love Life -- The Duck - 1

Dear Diary,

Now I could never believe that 2 people for the opposite
sex can be best friends only. I've tried that so many times
but it can never work that way. The feelings always got in
a way.

I mean, I'm a sporty and tomboy kind of gal. That means
that I hang out a lot mostly with boys. I only have several
female friends, even then, only one of them is close to me.

Well, there's this one guy, I call him the Super Duck
(that's sort of the nick name we created to call each
other, and he calls me Burger for the fact I like Carls
Junior's Spicy chicken Sandwhich so much.... it's cheap for
god's sake).
Me and the duck has a loooooottttt in common! Music,
sports, thinking, classes we take, everything. We spent
almost 2 yrs, hanging around each other all the time. We
would go hiking, camping, do projects, everything together.
Preferably without anyone else, just the two of us, cos we
dislike big groups. So we got closer and closer, he was
always there for me, even when my boyfriend died of a car
accident, he was my shoulder to cry on. None of our friends
understand us like we understand each other. Except
probably his girlfriend who lives in South East Asia,
Indonesia. Sooo we got close, too close.

So one day he was showing some tackle moves from Karate,
and he pinched me in a locking position....

(to be continued ..)