A Day in the Life
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2002-12-17 21:10:12 (UTC)

Not Really Seeing

I am downright stupid. I was upset at someone once
and I said "I was right in front of you for six months and
you never noticed me." Well, it turns out I'm a hypocrit.
The most beautiful person in the world could come into
my room and I wouldn't notice. You know why?
Because I think too much. Here's a story: I've been in
math class for a whole semester. There's about twenty
people who are in this class. One day, near the end of
the semester, there was this girl who was in the same
class, and I was was like "wow, she's incredible". But
she was surrounded by her friends, which makes
things uncomfortable for me (See my profile. My screen
name is CJFlan32.). So my last chance was at the
exam (unless I see her again sometime). A golden
opportunity was presented to me. She was right there.
Well, surprise surprise I blew it, and you know why?
Because I was thinking about how bad my ankle hurts
right now, and, now that I think about it, I walked right
past her like she was another person. This is my brain
at work: "N" (you know her by now) says "I like you too"
and I'm thinking about how the Pats can repeat as
Super Bowl champs. My mother's trying to tell me
something important and I'm wondering what I'm
gonna eat for lunch. My roomate's asking me about
something and I'm thinking about what's on TV tonight.
Am I stupid, or do I just think too much? Obviously I
don't have my priorities straight, but what can I do? Stop
thinking? I wish. The hell with thinking! Thinking sucks!