the rose tatoo
2001-08-31 03:05:31 (UTC)

the phone call

Jack laid in the rumpled sheets staring up at the ceiling.
Taking another drag on his cigarette he blew a lazy smoke
ring towards the dim light bulb hanging above his head. The
room smelled of too much perfume and stale sex. Turning
his head he looked at Monica as she lay sleeping beside him.
Her mascara had made smudges under her eyes. Too much sex
and not enough sleep made her look older than her 24 years.
Her over bleached hair billowed around her head like a
smoggy cloud. Jack thought "for a hooker, she really does
have a good heart and some great tits." He had seen Monica
every week for almost 3 months, ever since Jessie had left
town. He missed Jessie and her long legs and raven hair,
but she had found a sugar daddy who actually wanted to
marry her and so their "business" arrangement had ended.
He liked hookers, they were better than ex-wives, who
screwed you royally without any sex involved. You could
always count on a hooker as long as you had some money in
your pocket, and Jack always had a little money. He often
thought about actually going out and meeting a woman and
having a relationship, but work was too demanding and there
never seemed to be enough time. He finished his cigarette
and snubbed the butt out in the overflowing ashtray beside
the bed. "how many other men have done the same" he
wondered. Rolling over he reached down and picked up his
boxers and pulled them on. Picking up his pants, he pulled
out his wallet and put $60 on the dresser top. Just then
his cell phone rang. Walking into the bathroom and
shutting the door, he answered "Jack here". "Jack, it's
Todd, there's been another one". "Where are you at?" asked
Jack, grabbing a pen and pad from his shirt pocket. After
writing down the address, he slipped on the rest of his
clothes, smoothed down his hair, and headed for the door.
"Same time next week Hon?" came Monica's sleepy voice from
the rumpled bed. "Same time babe" whispered Jack as he let
himself out of the room and headed for his truck........