miss sassy badassy

well...aren't we sassy?
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2001-08-31 03:00:59 (UTC)

a strange need

i hate when you are not around. you numb me from the out
side world. i put the blinders on when you are around. you
make all the pain go away my dear. i love the way you make
me feel. i love the way you touch me. they way you tease
me. the complete joy that comes from with in me as soon as
you appear. can you even comprehend what you do to me? my
whole being aches for you. every inch of skin on my frame
calls for your touch. a simple warm imbrace would be
suffice. remeber that time you said you would come all this
way just to feed my addiction of human contact. well i need
it now. i need you now. im not sure of exactly what it is
you have over me. but ill have you know you have complete