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2001-08-31 02:56:49 (UTC)

I'm MAD dammitalltohell

Okay so I just paid a phone bill, over half of which is not
mine. This situation upsets me greatly.

Lately I'm particularly upset with a certain STUPID
FUCKERHOLE in particular. This happens to be an ex roommate
of mine. Please note I said ex roommate and not ex gf
really there is a difference. Although I do have quite a
list of STUPID FUCKERHOLE ex roommates that owe me money I
am currently referring to the most recent one.

I received my phone bill a week ago. There were a bunch of
long distance charges to AZ on the bill. Problem is neither
I or Monchichi call AZ. So although STUPID FUCKERHOLE had
her own phone line she decided to make long distance calls
on my phone. HOW CONSIDERATE OF YOU. We had a nickname for
this person in particular which was Big Daddy. This was
more of a joke than anything. I believe I will change her
name to Pansy Ass. I being a good friend let Pansy ass move
into my house, be late with rent on multiple occasions,
stain my carpet with 7-11 beverages, stink up her room with
cigarette smoke, and even picked her up at the airport
because she was too lazy and cheap to take a bus or taxi.
Not once did she go out of her way for me or do me a favor.
She did offer to pick up a keg for one of my houseparties
but waited until the last minute and wasn't able to get the
beer we wanted initially.

Why was Pansy ass late with rent? Because she spent all of
her money to buy last minute airline tix to AZ to see her
latest online infatuation. Because she had no priorities or
any notion of financial responsibility. I was under the
impression that Pansy ass and I were good friends. Until of
course she met AZ chick online (whom I feel very sorry for
as she is completely misled) and decided to loop out on me.
Loop out being... Pansy decided to tell me that she'd pay
me the entire months rent and actually moved out that week.
Apparently, decided she didn't have to stick with her
earlier promise, and I'm still wondering why she felt the
need to run up long distance on my phone. Had she been like
hey Cheese Freak I'm moving out early so I'll only pay you
half of rent it would had been one thing. But she didn't,
she told me she would stay give me the full months rent so
of course I trusted her and sent out all my bills the day
she told me she was staying for the full month. What was
her excuse? Cheese Freak "you're kinda hard to talk to". Uh
huh...really how would you know unless you tried?

So FUCK YOU TOO Pansy Ass. May your online gal friend get a
clue and head the opposite direction of your sloppy ass.
And hopefully I'll not have the misfortune of running into
you - though I probably will I will do my very best to
avoid it.

Yes well I'm venting...I needed that...I believe I'm done
for today..very cleansing that was.