Meshed Up
2001-08-31 02:56:20 (UTC)


Tears streaming down her eyes
she walked to the couple
sitting on a brown pew
inside this cold and airconditioned room.
A white casket lay before them
people milled around quietly
some went to the front
and tok a peek inside the white casket.
Then they closed their eyes
and bowed their heads,
water droplets hitting the glass surface.
She stood before the couple
sitting on the brown pew.
Each had its arm
around the other
and she tried to draw them close
but couldn't.
The couple looked up
but didn't seem to see her.
Their eyes glistened with tears
with words left unsaid
with deeds left undone
with love left unfelt.
She walked to the front
and gently placed her hands
on top of the casket,
willing herself to look
to peer
into that box
and on the person resting inside.
And when she did
she found herself looking
at a reflection
of what she was
what she has been...
someone who tried
to please everyone
and failed.
Someone who was sent away
who fell into the hands
of the wrong people
in the wrong place
at the wrong time.
She looked at the reflection
then at the couple
sitting on the brown pew;
at the woman
who was the splitting image of the relfection
only older.
And a tune rain in her head
as she stared at the reflection:
"here lies the body of Bildajina
who tried to please everyone
and failed."
And the couple broke down
like rain hitting the ground
on a cold stormy night.