punk girl, interrupted
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2002-12-17 18:59:57 (UTC)

december 17th, 2002

its my day off..exactly what i needed. i hate work ..and i
swear i never have any money tho i work my ass off 247! i
talked to steve today..he got my letter and we didnt realy
tak much about it..i dotn want to anyway..he knows, i
know..thats good enough for me. and he wasnt mad or antying
like i expected..he appreciated my honesty. im gonna talk
to him tonight hopefully..i have called him the past couple
of nights but he was busy. i dont know what the bit deal
is for me..i prolly bore the poor boy to death.
adam left me a message..he 3wants to meet in january..i
hate how he pulls me in then pushes me away(or forgets
about me maybe). i totally wanna meet him..but
ugh..relationships..pursuing them..guys..i just dont
understand any of it.
I'm gonna start a fast soon..and im getting a gym
membership in two far ive had 98 cals
today..trying to hold out as much as i can. life
is so boring..

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