A Dream Gurlz Life
2001-08-31 02:56:12 (UTC)

Down the Drain Again :(

Today has not been a very good day. For one I still dont
feel good, my throat hurts and I cant stop coughin. School
is just geting to be a pain. I cant stand some of the
teachers. I'm only on day two and they've loaded us down
with a lot of homework and books that weigh like 10 pounds
each. But I gues thats school. I just cant take everything
thats been going on. I know by the end of next week I'm
going to be soo stressed out! Especially with everything on
top of school going on but I'm going to go for now cuz i
have to finish my last activity in spanish :( I'm starting
to get depressed again! :( But I'll write more later bye!