Thoughts arrive like butterflies
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2002-12-17 18:50:36 (UTC)


Last exam tomorrow, Art.
Exams are crap.
School is
People are

Urgh, especially those animal rights type. I hate those.
And those environmental idiots saying we shouldn't do this,
and we should do more of that. FUCK OFF. I mean yeah,
recycle. Yep. Don't litter, yep, but the crap they come out
with. Maybe if they shut up speaking, then not so much CO2
would be released and then there'd be not as much problem
with the earth heating up and all that green house crap.

And Iraq. WTF?? Why don't we just nuke 'em. If u ask me,
that's what we should do. Get in there, blow them to hell
and be back for christmas dinner with the family. Not that
i'll be having it with the family. Ill get up in the
afternoon, have a drink then spend the rest of the day
online....and drinking. Or I might just sleep the whole way
through the day.