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2001-08-31 02:25:06 (UTC)'s entirely too quite in here...QUITE QUIET IN HERE if I do say so myself...

Same day...still online. We (that's me) are going to give
you all a little rundown on my vocabulary. I guess you all
can consider this a glossary to decipher the many
metaphorical and not so metaphorical refrences I make when
referring to my friends, and the like.

Lady Friend - At any given moment of the day this will
represent the person I am currently bonking.
For any reason whatsoever my sexual
orientation backfires and I suddenly am
converted and start sleeping with men then I
will change this refrence to Male Friend.
This will most likely NEVER EVER be the case.

Bestest Friend - Refers to my friend BEEKER, Bestest friend
(aka BEEKER) and Beeker are interchangeable

Special Time - Yeah well very rarely will I use this but
for whatever reason I want to resort to baby
talk this will refer to all out fucking.

Situation - WARNING This word is very contagious. I cant
even begin to explain the situation surrounding
this word. The closest I can come to is in
refrence to the Smurfs cartoon. Where the
Smurfs would "smurf" various things. Instead of
walking they'd "smurf this way" instead of
taking a bath they'd "take a smurf" well
whatever..really these are all bad examples
but I don't know how else to describe this

Al - aka littlest sister - self explanitory. I love Al to
death but we definitely don't get along as well as
Danawana and I. I guess get along isn't the right
thing to say. Al and I don't quite have a sisterbond.
Al continues to surprise me though. She is the baby in
the family she is the favorite.

Danawana - this is my middle sister. We have a crazy sister
bond going on. I'm all about Danawana she's
wicked smart and wicked witty for her age.

Sara boi - Is just that. Sara boi, is my friend Sara.
(aka CHAMP)Skinny, funny and LIKE A CHAMP!!! YEAH BABY YOU
KNOW IT!! She is one crazy boi (boi in refrence
to her sexual orientation, sara is a dyke).
Skinny, 5'8" with short brown hair who likes to
shake her groove thing and get half naked at my
house parties.

JonJon - My good friend Jon, I met thru a mutual friend.
JonJon is adorable. Very funny, very sincere, very
mellow, keeps me chillin like a villian. Did I
mention JonJon is also very smart. We have fungus
in common.

DarthFader - My 2000 Dodge Neon with fading dome light
cause I'm cool like that.

Fuckerhole - This is what I call people and things I am
not too fond about.

Stupid Fuckerhole - This is what I call things I am REALLY
REALLY NOT fond about.

Ursie - My friend Ursula. Cool cat I don't know all that
well and who happens to be dating? YourMOM (see

YourMOM - My friend Teresa, who enjoys making mom refrences
to EVERYTHING. I don't think I've ever met
anyone so funny in my life.

Monchichi - My roommate Monica. She also happens to be a
piercer. Good for her. She enjoys making many
mom refrences too.

Mon's Lady Friend - Mon's significant other.

Life Partner Beater - PC way of referring to a wife beater
aka tank top be continued...