The Calamari Files
2002-12-17 10:34:05 (UTC)

shamoan-come on.

Hey there.
well,imin classic simon territory.
actually no i can't be arsed doing this at the moment,
notthat the wounds are too sore (weep) just that it'll
irritate me,and i've got a keyboard that u have to hit in
the dead centre of the space bar for it to provide you with
a space.
i leave you with this poem.

Man Sluts-

O whats the point in men?
Knobs in their pants, but bigger ones on their heads.

Don't give a fuck now-
Undervalue me if you want,
Drink is the best solution
Even double sambukas don't resist my charms

Does anyone understand the true depth of my poetry? i
wonder... :)

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