Crazy Girl

Diving Under
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2002-12-17 07:24:01 (UTC)


I am so tired, but I dont want to go to sleep! It really
bites! But I willprobably fall right asleep after I am done
with the computer. It was storming so bad here, rain coming
down in all directions, and the wind made it so much worse.
It was FREEZING! I thought we were all gonna die in some
freak storm accident! But we wouldnt want that happening
just yet, cuz Kris has to go see Heather in 7 days! YAY for
her! (lol) Hope you guys get your well deserved freak on!
My day was pretty good but it turned to bad when I found
out I am forbidden to go to Corr's after school! His step-
dad hates me! It really bites. Corr cant use the vehicles
anymore until his gets fixed... which wasnt his fault to
begin with. He was talking about how I am going to fuck
everything up! I probably already have! I feel bad about
that because what is Corr going to do when he is fucked out
of college or a high school deploma! I dont know,I know
want totalk about it much.
Christmas break starts Friday butthat isnt soon enough. I
need a break. I might as well sleep since I cant do
anything... uhhh it sucks. This entry is crap.

Well I will let you all go, since this is like boring as