champagne supernova
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2002-12-17 07:14:24 (UTC)


im leaving in less then 50 hours.....YIKES! ahh! im sooo
syked yall and i htink its damned deserved for both bobby
and i after all of this crud we had to go through with the
stupid ticket u know? ? so i have to call the airline on
wed. to make sure everything is still in order sure it
is..*knocks on wood* ..*nervous laugh* ha..haha..ha..
anyways so i am totally excited! (cant wait to see u
babe! ) well saturday was fun yall!! im sure it was a
crowded fit in here..since i live in a cardboard
but u know it was fun none the less. and i got to see my
rita before i go! yea!! ill see u all at school before i
go! at school tomorrow of course... tuesday...ugg...why
cant tomorrow be thursday > well i guess its goo that it
isnt casue i am sooo not ready ..i have to do all of my
packing on wed, sinc tomorrow i wont get home till about
9ish thats gonna suck im going to be running around like a
chiken with my head cut off! so im going now ...AND THERE
so anyways.... i wanted to apologize to someone..i think u
know who u are...(denise) lol..i just wanted to say i know
we havent been talking alot latly and no..i am not mad at u
so dont think i am. it just seems that we dont have time
fore each other anymore. and i hate it ..but thats how it
seems. casue u are always on the go with academy..chamber
singers... guys...and all of their crap..loland when im
home im constantly buzy so its like our schedules clash ..
and i do love u sooo much and i hope we can start talking
like we used to again casue those really were some great
memories ya know. it just seems to me u have other things
to ur not interested in talkingt o me anymore. but
hey im sure im at fault here anyways i have to
go..i love u guys! ...
and satine..thank u about the whole taking thing . i
might take u up on that offer sometime . casue ur right..
having a dad sucks,..but u need em' sometimes. thanks
and ya chikie..sorry about our rough spot
were going thru..we'll get thru it

and to my one and only.... i dont know what i would do
with out u love. thank u for everything..u know i
appreciate all of it.cant wait to see u thursday
nite! ..good times in store for us! .."BEAR HUG!"