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2001-08-31 01:50:43 (UTC)


Its so beautiful out. Theres an awesome lightning storm
goin down here. All over its flashing, and I can see it
thru the tiny window in my basement, where I am now. I'm
listening to the Michelle Branch and Alien Ant Farm CD's
that I bought tonight. They are good shit! So I'm chillen
down here havin my own little party. With just me and my
music... oh yah... and OF COURSE, every party has a pooper,
and my chem homework is here. I can hear the thunder... its
so peaceful. I LOVE STORMS! They make me just wanna cuddle
up and listen to them-- hehe- I feel so giddy tonight for
some reason. So peppy and full of energy! Prolly cuz
tomorrow is Friday and FB game/ party!!! I am soooo
excited! Its been such a great day. Such a great week. And
hopefully a great weekend even though Dustins gunna be in
Missouri. But hey, FRIEND WEEKEND! YAY! I can't just sit
here with all of this energy! geez! I gotta go... run out
into the rain or something crazy~ check ya later guys!

~PS- fully disregard my previous entry. For some reason I
was kinda sad :( but now I'm definately not! Peace out!