My Reality
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2002-12-17 04:48:02 (UTC)

it begins...

ahh....holidays are going to be the death of me and its
funny to think that such a short period of time to get to
me because i am notoriously known for being a very very
patient the fact of the matter is how the heck
canone lil christmas day get to me so easily, well the
general idea that i am gathering is that christmas has
become so fabricated that its a freakin month long...i
cant stand it..i just got home from exams and college to
find my mothers head about to exploid from teh christmas
rush and it isnt even half way through december yet,
anywho, i dont get it, why cant it just be calm cool and
simple, why does it have to be bells and whistles and
lights and so much extra cra...why are thousands of
dollars spent on gifts immense amounts of cahs laid down
for decorations and then on top of that we have the
food...what ever happened to just a simple dinner a few
nuts and fruits and then off to bed ....why five thousand
different versions of teh same christmas movie, why 10
dollar wrapping paper that gets thrown away, why the urge
to please all with a freakin banquet of food, why do we
have to dress our pets up in elf shoes and reindeer
antlers why do we do all of this, its just too much, i am
going to just wash my hands of the ordeal...i mean really,
seriously no christmas for me....but for those of you who
are participating...i really want pretty woman on
vhs.....just in case you feel the urge to be generous !!!!